And eventually caught up...

It's amazing how quickly things catch up on you and before you know it you're behind again. The last week has been pretty busy. There are 11 days worth here bringing it right up to today, so I'm eventually back on track. A wee run down with each image on what I've been up to... Day 41 (today) This is Rina, she's lovely. She bought a camera a while back and I've been promising to show her some basics on how to use it forever but only managed to get around to actually making it happen today. Went for a wander round Kelvingrove, hung out at the skate park and she bought me lunch at Left Bank (amazing burger!). Thanks Rina!

Day 40 Last night I was filming Washington Irving playing at Flat 0/1 on Bath Street in Glasgow. They are genuinely one of the best live bands that I've seen over the past couple of years. So much fun and incredibly uplifting. It was a pretty horribly sweaty gig though and was feeling pretty sketchy so don't think I enjoyed it to it's full potential. This was someone (who I recognise from seeing about a lot, but don't think I know) ordering at the bar, I spotted some nice light through the crowd so stole a quick snap. Had an old manual focus olympus 50mm on for filming.

Day 39 And so the reason for feeling sketchy for the WI shoot. On Tuesday I spent the day on Loch Insh helping out with some filming for the new Open Swimmer music video (which I'm going to blog more about tomorrow). There was a lot of helium consumed which appears to have ruined my throat. This is Libby, the star of the video, and very lovely. Had a great laugh doing this, and didn't even fall in the water. Result.

Day 38 This is Addie who kindly fed and watered us as well as providing essential transport around the highlands while we were up on the Open Swimmer shoot. Really lovely guy and incredibly hospitable.

Day 37 The first of a 3 day stint in the highlands, this time filming a radio session by Rachel Sermanni & band at Watercolour Studios in Ardgower. Pretty spectacular location. I was so distracted by the scenery I managed to leave a 70-200mm lens in the studio, only realising when I got home. Thankfully the owners of the studio are incredibly nice and helpful people and got the lens back to me safely in a couple of days.

Day 36 Detour. If you know music then you probably know Detour. It's been away for a while but returned last Saturday with the first live event in months. This is 'As In Bear' who are a 2 piece hardcore mental band that were a lot of fun. Typical nightmare photographing in Bloc. This was not the ideal preparation for a 9am bus journey to Fort William the next morning!

Day 35 This was a bit of a day off for me, knowing that the next few days were going to be a little crazy. I went along to meet some ex-colleagues for some drinks to say cheerio to Peter who was leaving for pastures new. This is Peter looking pretty chipper to be leaving the mad house. Best of luck for the future chief!

Day 34 Today was one of the occasions when I'm truly delighted at having made the plunge in to self employment. I was working for The Scottish Music Show on the Emerald Princess cruise ship. I had some time to kill when I was on the ship so went a wander around the decks. It was my first time on a cruise ship and I was blown away by the scale of what is on there. It even managed to convince me that Greenock looked quite nice...

Days 33, 32 & 31 The next 3 shots are from the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference which I was photographing in Glasgow over a few days last week. Big props to Mr Pelmet Nites Paul Downie for his ever-kind help in setting this one up, a truly great man, despite his soccer persuasions.