Days 27 - 30 (nearly caught up now)

Rather than make another tonne of posts to catch up, I'm lumping a few days in together, and promising myself that I won't get more than a couple of days behind again. Day 30 30/365

Before heading out to the second day of Electric Frog I was in the studio with a couple of fantastic models and an incredible make up artist. More of the images will be up around here soon but for now here are the stunning legs of Hazel Imrie.

Day 29 29/365

Was out shooting Electric Frog over the weekend, this was one of my favourites though probably won't be used as it's not really of much other than a girl and her glasses, but I like it regardless.

Bit of a strange event, massive variation in the crowd from day 1 to day 2 given the polar extremes of the music on offer.

Dance day didn't do that much for me, maybe if I had of been off duty with a lot more alcohol in me I'd of been more in the spirit.

Day 28 28/365

My mum, definitely not a fan of having her photo taken at this time of night.

Day 27 27/365

This is a mirror image model of my gran's house which my Grandpa built way back when I wasn't even an idea (I don't think!).

This used to sit on a shelf downstairs in her house which was the most amazing place, massive gardens and awesome places for hide and seek, always home cooking and the best place every to stay over.

I'm lucky enough to have this now and it always reminds of fun times, especially taking the roof and upstairs levels off and wandering around inside (metaphorically of course, I definitely wouldn't fit)