Vinyl Junkie

I wish I could still refer to myself as a vinyl junkie, but to say that would be a bit fraudulent. Over recent years my penchant for growing a vinyl collection has almost disappeared. Through lacking funds and frequent moves, it became less and less (don't say it...) convenient (...sorry, I said it).

To a lot of people it doesn't make any sense harking back to vinyl. I guess if I play devil's advocate I can see the argument; why would I prefer to listen to scratchy old recordings, or prefer something that is so easily damaged and difficult to handle, when I can have the ease of 5Mb and some headphones. Almost.

As much as it may seem, this isn't totally out of the blue. This week, I arrived home to find a conspicuously shaped package on my doorstep. Not everyday I'm so excited to fine a 12 incher at my front door! One of my favourite artists Roddy Hart has just released his latest album Road of Bones.

Roddy Hart - Road of Bones on Bandcamp

It's available through his bandcamp where you also receive some high quality downloads of the album with your purchase. I obviously took advantage of this at the time of purchase and was listening within minutes (that nasty convenience thing again). He has produced a fantastic album, incredibly strong from start to finish. I enjoyed it through the headphones for a few days. And then, well, then the vinyl arrived, and I remembered why I used to love hanging about in Europa and Avalanche and Missing (before it got a bit shit). There is an almost tangible excitement about putting on the record, dropping the needle, following the sleevenotes as the album plays, the forced involvement of getting up to change sides.

So, while I appreciate the convenience factor (without it, I would only hear a tiny fraction of the amazing new music I devour daily) there will always be a bit of the vinyl junkie in me, especially when you hear that crackle.

Can't beat it!