Just one more...

As alluded to earlier in the week, I've not had the camera out much over recent days, and so I thought I'd purge the archives again. If you've been following this for a wee while you'll probably recognise Amy.

no words

This was uploaded to my Flickr not long after it was taken back at the start of Summer and for some reason in recent days there have been a lot of views of it, and a kind gent also commented that he "hopes I work with her again soon". So, given the recent interest from some people I thought it was a good a candidate as any.

This was my first day attempting to shoot portraits, at the very end of the day. We were on Crammond beach in Edinburgh, there was a beautiful Sunset behind me that was casting a stunning glow on Amy. The picture is essentially straight out of camera (aside from some standard raw conversion). I love it more for Amy than the picture. I love the expression on her face and the way her hair is falling over her mouth. She looks gorgeous, which is no small achievement after having put up with my snapping for the past couple of hours (although the wine probably helped!).