Hector Bizerk // The Second City of The Empire

A long time ago I went to Captains Rest (RIP) to see a Stanley Odd show. Louie was supporting, on his own, and I was completely blown away. He was performing songs from the first Hector Bizerk record, Drums.Rap.Yes.

Since then they've been through a bunch of line-up changes and the band has grown to become something way beyond a group of music makers. They are one of the most culturally significant group of people I have been witness to. They push boundaries, refuse to compromise, merge art forms and have a party while they're doing it.

Now they have released their 4th album, The Second City Of The Empire with a typically raucous show at The Art School.

I went along and shot some portraits of people that have been a part of Team Hector along the way, hopefully to provide a bit of a snapshot of last night and the people that have made this happen. I'm sure neither of the originals would argue that HB has become way more than any one or two people. 

Well done Hector Bizerk. Looking forward to the next step...