King Ayisoba & Friends // Celtic Connections

  Celtic Connections is an amazing time of year. January generally suffers from a brutal lack of fun things to do and is a bit miserable (if you go with the cliche). So it's ace to have so much music on your doorstep for most of the month.

Not only that, the vast majority of what I end up seeing is completely new to me. Not just the artists, but genres, instruments and sounds.

Last week I photographed a show at Platform in Easterhouse (really cool venue) knowing pretty much nothing in advance about the performers (I don't ever like going in with any preconceived ideas about what's going to happen, if I can avoid it).

And it was bloody amazing. I was done photographing and didn't/couldn't leave. Incredible rhythms and songs and noises that were so  far removed from my normal listening. An absolute pleasure to photograph.

The gig was 'This is Kologo Power and the performers were Zea, Ayunne Sule & King Ayisoba.

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