T In The Park 2015 // #hellostrathallan

I've been working T in the Park for a few years now (this was # 6) and I had been a load of times before that on the other side of the fence, so it was ace to see the whole place lift up and move to a pretty stunning new site. There were obviously some well documented issues with transport etc but knowing the ace team that work on the event, those issues will undoubtedly already be being addressed for next year. And aside from that, I thought it was great. I really enjoyed it and managed to briefly catch some brilliant bands.

As is always the case, time runs out so quickly over the weekend (even more so this year as I snuck off on Saturday to go to a friend's wedding) but here are some of my favourite shots from the weekend.

See you again next year T

T in the Park_2015_003T in the Park_2015_001 T in the Park_2015_006 T in the Park_2015_007 // Prides //T in the Park_2015_011 T in the Park_2015_012 T in the Park_2015_013 T in the Park_2015_014 T in the Park_2015_015 T in the Park_2015_016 // The Twilight Sad //T in the Park_2015_017 T in the Park_2015_018 T in the Park_2015_019 T in the Park_2015_020 T in the Park_2015_021 // The War on Drugs //T in the Park_2015_022 T in the Park_2015_023 // Fatboy Slim //T in the Park_2015_024 T in the Park_2015_025 T in the Park_2015_026

// Hector Bizerk //T in the Park_2015_027 T in the Park_2015_029 // Kasabian //T in the Park_2015_030 T in the Park_2015_031 // ASIWYFA //T in the Park_2015_032 // BDY_PRTS //T in the Park_2015_033 T in the Park_2015_034 // The View //T in the Park_2015_035 T in the Park_2015_036 T in the Park_2015_037 // Admiral Fallow //T in the Park_2015_038 // Idlewild //T in the Park_2015_039 // Catfish & The Bottlemen //T in the Park_2015_041 T in the Park_2015_042 T in the Park_2015_043 T in the Park_2015_044 T in the Park_2015_045 T in the Park_2015_046 // Stereophonics //T in the Park_2015_048 T in the Park_2015_049 T in the Park_2015_050 T in the Park_2015_051 T in the Park_2015_052 // The Prodigy //T in the Park_2015_053 T in the Park_2015_054 T in the Park_2015_056 T in the Park_2015_058

// Strathallan Castle //T in the Park_2015_010