Capella Nova Recording Session

Capella Nova_Recording_001 Before Christmas I was in Stirling for a recording session with the vocal group 'Capella Nova' who were in session working on their new album. Again with the master Phil Hobbs on the buttons.

It was all taking place in the Church of the Holy Rude. I lived in Stirling for 5 and a bit years a while back and never visited this place, which is stupid, as it's an incredibly building.

Here's a small selection of shots from the session.

Capella Nova_Recording_002

Capella Nova_Recording_003

Capella Nova_Recording_004

Capella Nova_Recording_005

Capella Nova_Recording_006

Capella Nova_Recording_007

On a photography note, this was another amazing opportunity for using my new Fujifilm x100t. I picked this up late last year after toying with the idea for ages. It was primarily driven by the desire to have a small 'every day' camera so I wasn't bound by the bulk of an slr when I didn't need to be. Bit of an indulgent toy though, so totally delighted that all of the Arias advertorials weren't purely driven by the dolla! In these situations where the noise I make can stop a session in it's tracks (shoes stay by the door and my socks get dirty!) it's imperative that my shutter doesn't distract performers or become audible on the mics. This camera is amazing as it's so unobtrusive and, quite literally, silent.

The quality of the images from it are remarkable as well. Sitting next to the Mk3 shots in lightroom the quality difference is imperceptible until you head up to iso1600 ish.

This was shot before Christmas and I'd pretty confidently say I've shot this camera every single day since. An absolute thing of beauty. I'm smitten.

More adventures in Fuji to come I'm sure...