Hit the Road


Hit the Road_001 Every couple of months or so I work on a project called Hit the Road which takes a few young musicians out for a short experience of being on tour, alongside people who do this for a living, with tour managers, techs, photographers, videographers etc etc.

The most recent one was the furthest afield we've been, heading to Stornoway for the last of the 3 nights via Edinburgh then Inverness.

This is the inimitable Brian Sweeney giving the girls some photo chat in Inverness. Hit the Road_002 Hit the Road_003 Hit the Road_004 Hit the Road_005 Hit the Road_006 This is Josie Rose, get her hereHit the Road_007 and Imogen Islay HayHit the Road_008 and Megan DHit the Road_009 Hit the Road_010 Hit the Road_011 Hit the Road_012 Hit the Road_013 Hit the Road_014 Hit the Road_015 Hit the Road_016