Washington Irving // Holy Company Video Shoot


WI-1 So it's a bit of a cliché to suggest that anybody (other than Dave Grohl, apparently) is the nicest man/woman/other in rock. But Washington Irving are definitely contenders for that particular non-existent crown. A truly lovely bunch of gentlemen. And they're also pretty damn good as well. Bonus!

My good friends and oft colleagues Wake Up Advice (see above, looking perplexed) were making a video for the new WI single 'Holy Company' and I was there, camera in hand, sneaking around behind the camera to get a few shots of the days proceedings.


WI-3 Kieran got bored quickly

WI-4 Martin (slowly) masters the art of walking

WI-5 "You can move, as long as you NEVER LEAVE THE X"

WI-6 "I was sure I charged the battery"

WI-7 This is the 'script'





WI-12 Ubiquitous 'crew shot' with a rare appearance in front of camera by myself

And here, in all it's glory, is the video