Day 19

19/365 Today I visited London on a work trip to cover the launch of the 2011 MOBO nominations. Left home early bells to get in to Glasgow Airport for a bucket of coffee and a flight down. I'm not usually the best of flyers, in fact, today was the first flight in as many that I can remember that I didn't have a drink before take off, thinking it was maybe a little uncouth to be drinking before this LK Today has started. Despite this it was a pretty stress free flight (probably due to the lack of Iain Paton or Chris Gough talking about plane crashes over my shoulder!) and I was treated to this stunning view shortly after we took off. It really did look like you could have jumped out of the plane and landed on the clouds. Incredible sight, though I don't think I'd be up for testing the theory!

MOBO's was good fun. Bit of a rammy in the press run with some uninspiring photography opportunities but regardless there was a lot going on and I had a good time. Met some lovely people from Scottish media and PR companies, had an awesome dinner (so bloated!) and eventually met up with my lovely little cousin Jaime who has just arrived in London from NJ to study for a semester.

Now sitting in a hotel in Earls Court with much faster internet than I get at home, with the thought of ploughing through all today's images hanging over my head at 1.35am. Maybe a job for the morning as I can see my red eyes in the mirror.

Up early to fly back home so it's o&o for another day.