Exploring USA // streets of santa fe

"Red, Green, or Christmas?"

We must have look more than a little baffled at this, as our very kind waitress explained that we're deciding how we want our hot sauce, for breakfast. New Mex.

I didn't quite realise how high we had driven until the temperature overnight dropped to -13. Not the best bet to stay in an AirBnB caravan then.

Lots of American cities that we've visited so far seem to follow a fairly similar model. With the exception of New Orleans, there isn't a whole lot that differentiates one from the next in a cultural sense. Even the German Fredericksburg that we passed through somewhere in mid-Texas, is another town with a different font. 

Santa Fe though, is like something else altogether. It's a small, beautiful (freezing cold) city with bags of character and friendly residents. There seems to be an authenticity here that some other places are aiming for, but fall short of.

These are mostly photographs of the streets that were so beautifully interesting as subjects.

Also, chilli hot chocolate btw!!