Holiday Snaps - New York via Minneapolis

USA_Holiday Snaps_001 3 years ago my best friend married a wonderful lady. Erika is from Minnesota, Iain for Ayrshire. Since they were married, they've set up home across that big ass pond, and it's to my shame that it's taken me this long to get over there to visit.

My partner and I are both self-employed. A life we've both chosen and love, but it does become a bit of a pain when it comes to taking holidays. There just never seems to be a good time and there's always the stress of taking so much time away from work and emails and phone calls (especially as I can be a bit of control freak!)

But we managed to set aside a bit of time last month and popped over for a while to spend some time seeing those guys, before jumping on another plane over to New York.

It was the first time for both of us, and we definitely weren't there for long enough. As soon as you arrive and start walking the streets you realise you're going to have to come back for more.

It was a bit of whirlwind time in the States (arriving to -18 degree temps in MN) that passed by so quickly we barely had a chance to think about work.

I only travelled there with a 35mm camera, though I ended up buying the new Fujifilm X100t (which all of these were shot on). I'm so bad at getting around to developing film. I'm sure when I get to it they will make an appearance.

Here are a few shots of what we saw over there, beginning with my most snapped, Cat, in the back of the car as Iain shuttled us around snow covered Minneapolis. Could not get enough of the incredible light over there!

USA_Holiday Snaps_002

USA_Holiday Snaps_003

USA_Holiday Snaps_004

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