GoNorth - Day 1

Washington Irving

This is my first time at GoNorth and I don't think I was quite prepared for what was to come. Arrived just in time for the inimitable Ben Cowie to get up on stage for a film makers panel. Truly revolutionary chat from the boy, when he eventually spoke ;-)

Watched some really interesting panels during the day, met some great people (though it is a bit like they've airlifted the central belt music scene and dropped it in the highlands, everyone is here!).

An absolute tonne of bands were playing in the evening, way more than it would be remotely possible to see. I got a bit selective, saw some I hadn't yet caught and a couple of old favourites.

As is my habbit, here are a few photographs. The aforementioned Ben challenged me to only shoot a roll of film worth of digital shots through the night. I was well on track until Honingbarna took the stage to close the night, and then I went a bit mad!

Day 2, not quite fresh as a daisy, bring it on! :-)

Star Wheel Press

Fat Goth (highlight of day 1, totally amazing!)

Michael 'heartbreaker' Cassidy

Blue Sky Archives

This Silent Forest