Day 12

12/365Another day behind schedule largely due to the travelling that's taken place this evening.

Today was scheduled for a largely admin based day, some website work and a band shoot in the evening before travelling through to Carnoustie.

All went well until drummer of said band failed to show. Turns out he'd decided to head to Edinburgh instead. Pretty frustrating to waste time and travel but it happens I guess.

The fortuitous part of this is that it allowed me some time to head along to the launch of an exhibition by the phenomenally talented Different Light Photography. It's taking place at Curler's Rest on Byres Road, and I'd definitely recommend getting along for a look. The strawberry beer is also a bit of a treat, even if it is £4.35 a pint(!!!).

For now, I'm in a 3 bed room at The Station Hotel in Carnoustie with a couple of lovely gents preparing for a video shoot over the next couple of days .

I'm still enjoying this blogging lark, hope some folks are still reading.

PS If you want to, you can listen again to my brief radio appearance on the bbc iplayer if you search call kaye for the 23rd of August.