Day 10

10/365 Busy start to the week this morning. Lots of phone calls and 'admin' type work early bells before heading out to Falkirk to work with my youngest clients to date. Ayla Rose & Matthew are an amazing couple of kids, so much fun to hang about with while we were making some lovely images for their mum Siobhan.

Felt a bit bad when Matthew hurt his toe jumping off the window ledge, think I was getting them a bit excited. Sorry Siobhan!

Back to Glasgow after that for a meeting with the chaps in this picture about a project I'm working on later in the week which is promising to be pretty exciting. All will revealed in due course I'm sure.

Also arranged a shoot with another band for Wednesday this week, working on some logistics for that tomorrow.

Potentially going to be on the Call Kaye show tomorrow morning on Radio Scotland, a little up in the air at the minute about what's happening but shall see if it comes off.