Sunshine in Dundee

Ailsa Thomson Ailsa Thomson

Back in the depths of a grey and miserable early January afternoon I met up with Ailsa to discuss shooting together. She is obviously very beautiful and it was great putting plans into motion. Late February seemed like such a long time since we first met.

I went through to meet up with her near Clatto Woods in Dundee. When I left my overnight abode in Forfar (about 30 minutes drive away) it was overcast and a bit drizzly. Driving along a bit gutted at having seemingly missed the previous days stunning sunshine, I was pleasantly surprised to see the sun creeping out in Dundee.

These pictures were from later in the shoot after we had worked on the shots that were a little more planned. I'll put those up later on in the week.

For now, hope you like these. These are all lit courtesy of good old mother nature. And it wasn't as warm as it looks, as evidenced by Ailsa's shivering. True professional stuck it out though without a moan.

Ailsa Thomson

Ailsa Thomson